Technical Fabrics


Armtex manufactures technical fabrics for more than 30 years with different looms and narrow fabric machines for the composites industry. We weave these reinforcements from glass, carbon, aramid and polyester fiber types. The combination and the choice of different fiber types improve mechanical properties. Our products are : woven roving, glass cloth and fiberglass tape.


  • Development and design based on customer needs
  • Custom manufacturing on order only
  • Wide range of reinforcements for composite materials
  • Special woven roving produced for the manufacturing of our laminated reinforcements


  • Weight ranging from 140 to 880 g/m²
  • Width : 10 mm to 3 200 mm
  • Some fabrics and tapes are available in individual pieces
  • Available in rolls for certain products, the lengths can vary from 50 to 500 meters

Use and applications

  • Industrial
  • Sporting goods (hockey sticks, skis, snowboards, skateboards, water skis and wakeboards)
  • Transportation
  • Petroleum industry
  • Marine